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Banking Data Solutions

Hoonartek’s banking data solutions provide a proven data-centric foundation for banking and financial organisations to meet operational & marketing requirements and satisfy critical needs in risk, compliance, analytics and reporting.

BCBS 239 Compliance

Our risk and regulatory expertise includes both business consulting and systems implementation. We work with global banks to deliver effective data aggregation and reporting systems that aid in risk management.


Led by former global bank directors, our consultants work to produce a roadmap, using automated metadata capture to assess source systems formats, rules and the numerous manual interventions that occur in a typical bank’s fragmented IT landscape.



Hoonartek’s holistic approach to BCBS 239 enables customers to conceptualise, prototype, design, build and rollout key business elements:


  1. Centralized Risk & Finance certified data hub with metadata
  2. Off-line and In-line data quality workbench, scoring, trending and environment to do profiling
  3. Defined master and reference data management with workflow and auditability
  4. Harmonization layer of centralized metadata, well defined business glossary, all sources, systems and E2E data lineage
  5. Data publishing layer for various risk and finance systems from centralized hub, for calculation engines and modelling tools


The above systems elements are supported by our governance model & workflow, with our stewardship to ensure process and data are both compliant as per the regulatory needs.


Banking organizations rely heavily on a consistent, accurate and updated base of homogenized data for core entities, including collateral, counterparty risk, products, customers and ERP. Hoonartek’s risk management solutions provide certified data from different source systems, core banking and trading platforms. Our innovative framework combines a generic framework application with User Interface (UI) and enable businesses to modify their business rules. Risk and finance data comprises a ‘golden copy’, used by risk modelling tools such as SAS, CRMS and QRM.


Hoonartek designs and deploys world-class payment architectures for banks, integrating back-end payments platforms (legacy & modern) with the very latest web and mobile channels. We support all major financial message standards including SWIFT, ISO and EDIFACT. We create payment-hub architectures to implement back-end aggregation or front-end landing point (for multiple channels), or a combination of both. Hoonartek’s open solution integrates with most 3rd party systems and custom in-house applications to satisfy compliance and analytical requirements.


Hoonartek has implemented numerous banking data solutions, regulatory and compliance solutions for banking and financial services organisations, enabling our clients both to meet their obligations and to achieve a competitive edge. Our robust regulatory and banking solutions parse & collate vast amounts of data in real-time from core banking, cards and transaction platforms, correlating it with customer and product data, before feeding into the visualization and rules platform.



Hoonartek’s expertise and dedicated solutions include:

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Single Customer Identifier
  • Payment / Customer Sanctions
  • Solvency II


Includes monthly reconciliation of GL accounts with multiple source data. The accuracy of GL balances is a regulatory necessity.


Hoonartek GL reconciliation solutions include:

  • Standardized workflow
  • Imported data from multiple core systems including loans, credit cards and accounts
  • A data adjustment layer



  • Report generation by account holder for discrepancies
  • Fuzzy matching on names
  • Multi currency rules
  • Account-level checks for zero data errors and drops


Hoonartek has designed, built and deployed numerous data-centric applications for banks including big data integrations, legacy modernization, custom frameworks, metadata management, master data management and enterprise data hubs.