Hoonartek is committed to growing a business that is not only sustainable and resourceful, but also one that majors on integrity and responds to the needs of all the people we connect with. Empowerment and betterment have been cornerstones of our business philosophy from inception, and we are dedicated to ensuring all our people develop and grow along with our business. But we also acknowledge our wider responsibilities and corporate philanthropy is something we are deeply proud of and wholly committed to.

Hoonartek India directly supports:

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Hoonartek is proud to be a black economic empowered company. Hoonartek South Africa (HTSA) has been operating since 2010 and is 100% locally owned. We are fully compliant with the South African government’s ICT charter and hold level 1 BEE contributor status.

With committed and passionate leadership, HTSA leverages its deep understanding of the southern Africa IT and data landscape with our global talent pool and knowledge base to provide optimal solutions to our clients.


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HTSA offers clients the very latest in data-centric solutions for risk and compliance, analytics, assurance and business intelligence. Thus far we have worked with South Africa’s 3 largest banks, 2 main telcos and its leading financial information bureau.

HTSA supports the following local organizations under its corporate social responsibility: