Telecom Data Solutions

Telecom Data Solutions

Hoonartek works with the world’s largest telecom operators, delivering solutions across multiple domains and departments. Hoonartek solutions help operators leverage and liberate their data to deliver innovative products, improve operations and cost efficiency, and deliver big data insights through sophisticated analytics. Our telecom data solutions can be used for revenue assurance and fraud management in the telecom industry.


Hoonartek’s revenue assurance solution identifies revenue leakage and optimises the TCO of such a solution through the removal of redundant processing. We integrate usage data with product and customer systems, before analysing against billing data. Results are delivered via a customised dashboard. Our telecom data solutions enables customers to visualise results within their own analytics environment and to integrate it with their own workflow systems for case management. With real-time capability, this solution integrates with data warehousing, data marts, marketing and archival solutions.


Our self-service CDR Viewer provides on-demand usage for customers by date and time. It also offers improved bill reporting over mobile BI, allowing slicing & dicing on time of day, source destination and website category (e.g. social media, official, gaming, professional, news, lifestyle, mail/chat, entertainment, finance, Closed User Group (CUG), out of CUG, peak and off-peak). Our solution helps subscribers avoid abuse and save time & money.


Bill Shock provides real-time notification and alerts to post-paid data/voice customers based on usage within established usage pattern or pre-set limits. Operators are able to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce theft (stolen SIM / phone) by blocking/throttling of service when a pre-set limit has been reached. This aids in fraud management as well. This solution also enables operators to up-sell data / voice bundles as limits are approached, instead of per unit Out Of Usage (OOB), and reduces financial exposure to delinquent accounts.


Hoonartek’s LBS solutions help operators to generate new sales and marketing channels for digital delivery. Using existing data and network infrastructure, it creates new value propositions for cross-sell and up sell.


Customer engagement is further enhanced through proximity-based offerings including mobile coupons, loyalty and recommendation functionality.


Our LBS solution also creates cross-sell opportunities for partners.