At Hoonartek, the focus of our consulting division is to provide thought leadership and scalable enterprise ready solutions that help organisations add value to their decision making process. Our consultancy services cover SAS, Oracle, Ab Initio, legacy migration, quality assurance, testing, data masking and data strategy solutions and services. Our team of consultants work with end users and manage end-to-end deliverables, across the entire life cycle of a project, from planning and requirements through to project execution and live deployment.


At Hoonartek, our Strategy and Architecture services are focused on building a firm foundation for enterprise data and information management. We employ gap analysis to address the critical requirements faced by our clients,, then utilize our templates for architecture and information domains based on our extensive industry experience, to provide seamless data strategy solutions using platforms like SAS, Oracle, Ab Initio and big data with minimal risk.



  • Reference and deployment architecture for application
  • Data and infrastructure for enterprise information



Architecture deliverables are driven by a strategy document which is used to help clients evolve to a reference model. The architecture and strategy streams are managed in accordance with a suitable reference model (eg. OFSA, FSDM or TMWORX) that a client may have already adopted.


Coverage of Strategy and Architecture starts with

  • A review of business goals and linking them to data and information deliverables.
  • Extensive engagement with stakeholders via workshops, interviews, discussions and presentations.
  • A gap analysis report is then produced, along with a roadmap that includes high level program streams & other deliverables.
SAS, Oracle, Ab Initio Consultancy


Software Quality Assurance (SQA) monitors the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure that quality is maintained.   Software testing includes

  • An investigation to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test.
  • Detecting glitches in the software so they may be rectified.



Providing an objective, in-depth and independent view of the software, to allow the business to appreciate and understand the benefits and risks of the software.


Deliverables cover the entire cycle of the software testing phase, and include:

  • Test plan document – This includes the strategy, approach, objective and schedule for software testing.
  • Test case document – This document specifies the output, input values and the prerequisites of conducting the test.
  • Software testing strategy – This provides the roadmap for software testing activities, where the entire plan is broken down into small processes that are well defined.
  • Test data – A set of data that is used to test software.
  • Test summary report – This includes a summary of all the testing activities and is prepared after completion of the testing cycle. It also includes the findings of the entire testing cycle based on which the stakeholders can decide whether to release the software.


Applications have to exist within an organization’s ecosystem, alongside enterprise platforms and systems. For systems and applications that require the highest degree of expertise and to be optimized for complexity and volume, Hoonartek works with customers to design and deliver an ITIL-based infrastructure and service delivery process.


Our team undertakes L1, L2 and L3 application management and support (AMS) for all components (batch & real time applications, databases and underlying infrastructure).


Supported by our proven accelerators, we provide a rich dashboard to deliver insight into your daily workflow. We then work to sustain and optimize your operations to reduce TCO year on year.



Our expertise helps clients to achieve…

  • Infrastructure optimisation and rationalisation
  • Performance monitoring and forecasting
  • Alignment of service delivery, infrastructure and technical architecture for different tiers of services
  • Design and Deployment of high availability (“HA”) and disaster recovery (“DR”) compliant application and infrastructure
  • Deployment of a heterogeneous environment over a virtual infrastructure
  • Remediation to consolidate bespoke environments and software application upgrades
  • Value-added L1, L2 and L3 support as a managed service, with highest reliability for all tiers of batch and real-time jobs.


Data obfuscation (anonymization or data masking) is a process whereby sensitive data is purposely scrambled to prevent unauthorized access, intentionally and unintentionally. The process involves de-identification (or masking) of specific elements within the data, which are then used to prepare test data that resembles actual data, without compromising any confidential data such…


as customer identity, credit card details,Social Security Number, National Insurance Number, etc.


A key requirement for test data is to accurately represent the real life characteristics of live data in obfuscated or synthetic form. Understanding the data characteristics via data profiling and analysis also enables enterprises to undertake data obfuscation.    


Advantages of Data Obfuscation

  • The process of anonymization, along with two distinct but related processes – synthetic data generation and test data generation, provides a consistent data bed for use in quality assurance, testing (integration / component / system) and functioning within legal and regulatory guidelines.
  • The obfuscated data generates a test data bed for off-site and multi-shore development, testing and training.
  • The related discipline of data encryption benefits companies in their production environment. It reduces risk for enterprises by ensuring that only minimal information is shared as required.


Hoonartek uses an integrated, profile-based approach to collecting data characteristics. It then constructs and executes the obfuscation suite to produce data to represent the actual data, which is effectively masked.

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