DevOps & Full stack Solutions

Discover world-class Hoonartek’s DevOps & Full stack solution

Faster, better value, and more savings

Hoonartek understands DevOps in the context of your business and brings you world-class efficiencies using cutting-edge technology stack supported by robust processes for a fraction of the cost.

Our industry-skilled experts guide organizations through each stage of full stack and Dev-ops platforms. They offer optimal implementation services to complement existing systems or engineer new solutions to deliver personalized services valued by their customers.


Hoonartek offers a comprehensive portfolio of Full stack and DevOps services for optimal results with on-premises, public, or hybrid cloud deployment.


Hoonartek’s DevOps service model enables development and operations teams to collaborate across the entire software application life cycle, from development and testing through deployment to operations. With its expertise and industry experience, HoonarTek is the ideal technology partner to build, modernize, sustain, and manage the complete platform for DevOps.

  • Global Presence – US, Europe, UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Kenya, and Malawi, among other countries
  • Leverage technology insights to deliver business results
  • Implement and Support for widely used DevOps Tools- Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Airflow, Terraform, Dockers on Leading cloud platforms, Monitoring stack (ELK, TGI, Prometheus), Nagios, HashiCorp Vault

Full Stack

Hoonartek has a self-sustained, constantly evolving, entire stack development team with deep expertise and extensive coverage across full stack technologies.

The experts can independently handle front-end, backend, deployment servers & databases with increased versatility, making Hoonartek a one-stop solution for all business needs.

Some of the full stack technologies we use include Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Microservices, JSP, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Data JPA, CRUD Repository, Angular, HTML, CSS, React, Swagger, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Aerospike, WSO2



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