We live in a technology-dependent, highly digitalized environment. Telecom companies will contribute in a big way to the upcoming evolution of society and connecting people. Digital transformation in the telecom industry is not merely a choice but rather a compelling necessity. Providing superior online services & products. digital innovative approaches and transforming the customer experience are some of the changes that require a data-driven approach to truly transform the telecommunications industry.

A quality partnership with Hoonartek will significantly increase the competitive edge while accelerating the digital transformation, building digital platforms, and developing next-generation products and services.

Hoonartek’s solutions and the team of experts help clients to maximize growth, prevent revenue loss, and identify new opportunities for generating revenue.


Hoonartek works with the world’s largest telecom operators, delivering solutions across multiple domains and departments.

Our deep expertise in analytics helps operators leverage & liberate this data to deliver business-critical information with meaningful and actionable insights.

Commission Management

  • Automation of flow of the inputs
  • Calculation of the commission using an advanced rule engine.
  • Integration with the ERP system for accounting
  • Integration with Settlement & Invoice generation system
  • Built-in validation of data to ensure data accuracy
  • Customized revenue reports

Revenue Assurance

  • Identifies revenue leakage
  • Integrates usage data with product & customer systems
  • Delivers results via a customized dashboard
  • Integrates with data warehousing, data marts, marketing & archival solutions in real-time

Revenue Reporting System

  • Integrates with various sources
  • Generates daily and monthly GL entries
  • Provides reconciliation reporting options
  • Validates end-to-end processing and integration of data

SIEBEL & Managed Services

  • Deep expertise to manage Siebel for TSPs
  • Empower implementation of various solutions – from requirement gathering to implementation of the solution
  • Telecom software products
  • Revenue reporting
  • Commission management
  • Data Engineering
  • Services for software development & deployment
  • Ab initio admin services

Subscriber Data Management

  • Unified Customer Profile – secure, scalable, resilient, and complete in real-time
  • Online triggers 24*7 from all Lines of Businesses – Mobility (Prepaid/Postpaid), Non-Mobility (DTH/Telemedia), B2B Data Services, Device updates, Enterprise-wide reporting & Analytics
  • Batch Reconciliation & on-demand migration with any LOB
  • Generic attribute update– both online & batch integrations
  • RESTful API interfaces
  • Primary Searches & Secondary Searches
  • Bulk Unload Framework

Commercial SMS Platform

  • 3 billion+ transaction per day to deliver SMSes to end customers
  • 5G compatible
  • Retry functionality for delivery acknowledgment using JMS queue
  • Creating a universal SMPP/HTTP adapter – (Protocols – HTTPS/HTTP/ SMPP with different data encodings)
  • Integrating SMSes with TRAI complaint DLT platform focused on customer preferences and govt. regulations


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