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World-class Ab Initio development & support

Our commitment to Ab Initio is unparalleled and is a fundamental part of our success. We’re proud to be a Tier 1 full-service partner and enjoy our uniquely strong collaboration with Ab Initio.

Hoonartek is adept at delivering huge, complex & most demanding Ab Initio projects across the globe with a track record of 100% success. We also boast the unique capability of our innovation labs (a first), where the entire product suite is deployed for research & development, keeping Hoonartek at the forefront of Ab Initio excellence and best practice.
Ab Initio Services
We provide a full spectrum of Ab Initio services, including planning & architecture, program management, development, implementation, support L1, L2, & L3, and innovative managed services.

Our success stems from a combination of factors; recruitment and development of great talent, experience & leadership on some of the most challenging Ab Initio projects anywhere, industry-leading best practices, constant research & innovation, and extensive close collaboration with Ab Initio.

Hoonartek’s engagement models are proven and robust but equally flexible enough to meet our clients’ differing needs and cultures. They include On-Shore [On-site & Off-Site], Full Off-Shore, and On-Shore & Off-Shore. We deploy agile, small & highly productive teams that always focus on delivery, quality, and value.


Hoonartek offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of Ab Initio services and industry-focused solutions. We address customers’ needs to build and modernize their systems, develop new solutions, migrate the data and the apps to the cloud and provide a data monetization strategy.

Enterprise Data Hub

At Hoonartek, we holistically integrate your internal and external data sources in the Enterprise Data Hub with certified quality. Typically, data sources from core systems, such as finance, marketing, contacts, transaction platforms, social media, and operations, are integrated.

We also incorporate raw data, removing redundancy, ensuring consistency, and providing businesses with a single version of the truth. The Enterprise Data hub empowers multiple downstream business users and applications when combined with metadata and data quality metrics. It can be used in real-time, batch, or trickle feed mode. Your Enterprise Data Hub is architected to complement your Enterprise Data Lake.

Self Service Empowerment

Hoonartek helps clients to reduce costs by building and designing optimal point-to-point solutions. We make the integration simple and visible for businesses with our scalable, metadata-driven Ab Initio configurable applications using Express>It®.

The UI-driven integration removes the need for spreadsheet-based capturing of business rules, building, and testing, thereby reducing the time-to-market. Hoonartek’s framework addresses the specialized needs of data warehousing and operational & business data integration with a set of standard reusable components that assemble swiftly to solve typical business use cases.

Data Governance

Hoonartek has implemented end-to-end data governance solutions, including critical elements, such as data catalog, semantic discovery, data quality, metadata management, governance, enterprise lineage, and policy & regulatory compliance. We design the overall metadata architecture and leverage the power of Ab Initio to meet your compliance and enterprise needs. Our metadata solutions are pragmatic, practical, and valuable for all business, technology, and operations stakeholders.

Futureproofing & Legacy Modernization

Hoonartek understands that businesses evolve and need to innovate and upgrade their systems. We specialize in replacing legacy systems.

Hoonartek has successfully led & supported complex legacy replacement solutions – Informatica, Natural / Adabas, SAS, Siebel, Mainframes, SSIS, PL*SQL, C/C++, Cobol, and so on. We’ve delivered end-to-end projects using Ab Initio solution enablers, enabling clients to reduce risk, effort, and cost significantly.

Fuzzy Matching

Hoonartek provides data catalog and quality solutions, which are a fundamental part of Data Management solutions. Data Quality is crucial for higher operational efficiency, cost savings, and a stronger decision-making foundation backed by data. Businesses lose up to 20% of revenue due to poor data quality practices.

Hoonartek ensures operational data quality, enabling individuals and organizations to draw insights from trusted data to make the right business decisions.

Data Fabric

Hoonartek has successfully developed top-notch data solutions using the Data Fabric architecture. This architecture enables data services to provide consistent capabilities across various endpoints spanning hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Event Management

Hoonartek’s Event Management (EM) platform is a real-time system that orchestrates configurable actions based on an event trigger. These activities can be chained sequentially or parallel based on business requirements. Events can be synchronous, requiring the immediate output of the action, or asynchronous, time-based, external events, or fire and forget-collect later events.

EM is a high-performing system built on event-driven architecture using Ab-Initio components. It is easy to operate and provides high throughput and low latency, making it a cost-effective option over other conventional choices. A state-of-art logging system helps deep dive into the payloads of the events for future references.

Data Archival & LTD

Are you looking to cut down the cost of storing, organizing, and querying large amounts of data?

Hoonartek delivers an ideal solution using QUERY>IT combined with Ab Initio processing power & ICFF compression for robust archival and long-term data retention needs. Whether your need is statutory compliance or cost saving, Hoonartek offers an optimal solution, keeping your data organized intuitively and providing easy accessibility with full metadata support.

Vendor Solutions

Ab Initio’s software portfolio comes with rich pre-built applications and internal consulting solutions for numerous use-cases. Hoonartek has extensive expertise with these solutions & use-cases and customizes and deploys them based on client needs.

Hoonartek has successfully deployed solutions that include test data management solutions, Web services, metadata-driven warehouse, and fuzzy matching. We use our deep product expertise to implement world-class leading solutions that help save our clients time and money.
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