DigiTwin –
Liberate Your Legacy Applications


DigiTwin puts your customers at the center of your business, provides data instantaneously at a massive scale, and delivers simplified and seamless customer journeys in real-time based on deep customer knowledge.

DigiTwin is a real-time middleware serving all customer interactions while delivering a highly optimized, personalized, and consistent customer experience – each time a customer interacts with you, any service, any time, and on any device.


Hoonartek is a market leader – offering a comprehensive portfolio of data services.

We pride ourselves on being partners and engaging with you from the start throughout design, development, implementation, and deployment—and we don’t stop there. We continue to work with you to meet your changing needs and business goals.

Deliver data at a massive scale, 24x7 availability

Cloud/On-premises hosting

Rapidly monetize new services with zero impact on existing system-of-record applications

DigiTwin provides data instantaneously, at a massive scale, that allows the IT teams to deliver to the expectation of their business users, leading to customer delight and improved efficiencies

Benchmarked at 50,000 business transactions per second (TPS) on avg. Seven-millisecond latency (including data validation, transforms, reconciliation, and audit) drives omnichannel customer interactions

Provide complete lifecycle implementation services and 24x7 production support, plus ongoing DevOps to bring rapid innovations to market; these ensure continuous improvements to Customer Experience

Data Analysis: Heritage Systems-of-record are the master, and the automatically synchronized in-memory DigiTwin cache is the slave. DigiTwin maintains a raw data bin for each source System-of-record, or curated source. For example, Master Data Management

Business Rules & APIs: We configure the DigiTwin frameworks to integrate data into the in-memory cache. Frequent “Show & Tell” sessions allow Business Teams to change the solution as it develops

Regression Test Automation: New or changed components that pass Unit Testing flow through to the automated regression test suite. This accelerates initial Go-Live, but re-use of the regression pack also accelerates the time to market for future post-live business innovations

Improved Customer Experience

Each customer has a highly optimized, personalized, and consistent customer experience - each time a customer interacts with you, at any service, any time, and on any device

Improved Business Agility

Enables innovative releases to market every two weeks to optimize the customer journey & monetize 3rd party opportunities. For example - IoT services

Improved Performance

Faster performance & reduced latency (50,000 business transactions per second - TPS). Typically, a performance increase of 200% to 400% for the same workload

Reduced Operational Expenses (OPEX)

Legacy offloading savings; Typically, £10k/day

Improved Availability

Linear scalability with 24x7 availability/DR [99.999% reliability] to shield customers from issues caused by the downtime of heritage apps not designed for 24x7 availability

Seamless Integration

Architected to integrate cleanly into existing data flows, whether real-time, batch, or bulk data ingest

DigiTwin Roadmap

Each Line of Business works with an Integration Pod to conform their data into the DigiTwin Logical Data Model (LDM) knowledgebase Logical Data Model. The Pod has three parallel activities:
We use automation to discover DQ issues upfront and then agree on remediation with the business. We use our semi-automated mappers to accelerate conforming data into our knowledgebase LDM.
We configure business rules to transform data as it flows into the LDM and out to client-facing apps. We use our extensive library of APIs (and bespoke interfaces) to send/receive data. Frequent “Show & Tell” sessions let the Business change the solution as it develops.
Each night our automated Unit Testing suites test completed components, reporting issues for the Pod to resolve the following day.
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