Modern Databricks Services

Hoonartek and Databricks break data silos by bringing together data, analytics, and AI/ML seamlessly. Using open standard Databricks Platform, we bring agile data operations possible. Innovate faster with Hoonartek.

About Hoonartek and Databricks Partnership

Hoonartek, as a Consulting Partner of Databricks, possesses a robust Databricks practice, offering enhanced technology, industry, and business expertise to optimize your organization’s utilization of Databricks’ solutions.

Selecting Databricks as your cloud data platform entails a pivotal role for Hoonartek in facilitating migration or implementation processes. We deliver comprehensive services encompassing design, preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization, ensuring seamless integration and maximal efficiency.


Hoonartek provides clients with an extensive array of Databricks services and industry-tailored solutions. We cater to customer requirements for system building and modernization, solution development, cloud migration of data and applications, and formulation of data monetization strategies.

Consulting and Roadmap

At Hoonartek, our Databricks consulting arm concentrates on delivering innovative ideas, scalable enterprise solutions, and accelerators to empower organizations in enhancing their overall programs.

Our consulting services encompass various aspects, such as legacy migration, business case development, migration strategy formulation, architecture and design, development, testing, data masking, quality assurance, and a diverse range of solutions and services related to data strategy.

Our team of consultants collaborates with end users, overseeing the complete project life cycle—from initial planning and requirements gathering to project execution and live deployment—to ensure end-to-end deliverables.

Data Migration

As a Databricks service partner, Hoonartek provides scalable enterprise solutions and accelerators that enhance decision-making and implementation processes. We specialize in end-to-end Data Migration services, facilitating the transition from any on-premises /any cloud to Databricks. Our services encompass design, preparation, migration, re-platforming, and performance optimization.

With our Agile team’s expertise, we focus on data migration and associated services, ensuring seamless transitions and efficient outcomes.

Data Engineering

In today’s world, a massive amount of data is generated, which has to be cleaned, optimized, and transformed into valuable business insights. Hoonartek’s team of experienced and qualified consultants helps you optimize your data to build better insights for better decisions.

Data Lakehouse

Our Lakehouse Consulting Service for Databricks is tailored to help organizations harness the full potential of their data lakehouses, leveraging the power of Databricks for unified analytics. With a focus on efficiency, scalability, and innovation, we offer comprehensive solutions to streamline data management, analytics, and machine learning workflows.

Data Quality

Hoonartek offers essential data catalog and quality solutions as integral components of Data Management solutions. Ensuring data quality is paramount for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and establishing a robust foundation for data-driven decision-making. Studies indicate that businesses can lose up to 20% of their revenue due to subpar data quality practices.

With Hoonartek’s solutions, operational data quality is assured, empowering individuals and organizations to derive insights from reliable data, thus facilitating informed and effective business decisions.

Data Governance and Metadata Enablement

Hoonartek caters to all data governance needs, encompassing regulatory workload and applications on Databricks, critical for our clients’ operations.

Our comprehensive solution covers various regulatory aspects, including data lineage, data masking, data stewardship, and data quality, ensuring visibility and accessibility for businesses and regulators whenever needed.

Application Support

Hoonartek provides a specialized team for application maintenance and support, ensuring continuous monitoring of applications around the clock to prevent downtime. Our team comprises highly skilled, qualified, and experienced professionals adept at delivering corrective, preventive, and adaptive maintenance and support for applications.

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