World-class Aerospike Development & Support

With its in-depth and massive experience in domains such as Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, E-commerce, Blockchain, and other industries, Hoonartek provides world-class database solutions for industries requiring real-time data platforms.

Hoonartek, as the most trusted partner of Aerospike, and supported by technology and innovative brilliance provides high performance, scale, consistency, and total low cost of operations for globally distributed data applications.

Hoonartek has a wealth of experience in implementing large-scale data platforms using the Aerospike NoSQL database. Hoonartek offers services in the areas of data migrations, RESTful API implementation, cluster implementation/administration, and managed services for Aerospike clusters.


Cluster Management

Hoonartek leverages the cluster management features of Aerospike, such as dynamic cluster management, data replication, and multi-site clustering.

Managed Services

Hoonartek’s team of experts can manage your existing Aerospike clusters providing critical services including data replication, backup, XDR setup/configuration, access control, disaster recovery, and administration.

Hoonartek provides online rolling upgrades to new versions without application downtime.

High-rate Data Ingestion & Data Management

Hoonartek’s expert team has built high-end Telecom and Blockchain solutions with Aerospike catering to superlative performance & throughput demands (sub-millisecond writes/reads).

High-rate Data Retrieval

Hoonartek provides integrated SOAP and REST APIs for swift data retrieval with intrinsic middleware implemented with strong authentication protocols.

Instrumentation Interface

Hoonartek provides a user-friendly interface for tools, such as Grafana et al to enable monitoring of Aerospike cluster monitoring.


Hoonartek has pre-built custom APIs using C, and Java implementation frameworks for Aerospike.


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