Case Studies

Legacy Transformation Next-Gen Data Management for Credit Bureaus

Legacy Transformation: Data Management for Credit Bureaus

Struggling with a legacy credit bureau system? Discover how Hoonartek’s solution helped a leading credit bureau achieve a seamless legacy transformation.

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Safe Data Project

Safe Data Project: A Case Study in Balancing Privacy and Innovation​

The Safe Data Project automates anonymization of customer data (PII) on-demand, enabling secure software testing and ML with GDPR regulations.

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Streamlining Financial Report Access Globally to Boost Scalability & Performance

Streamlining Financial Report Access Globally to Boost Scalability & Performance​

Learn how Insta International Report, powered by microservices and .NET Core, revolutionized global financial report access and delivery.

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How Credit Services Empowered Informed Decisions and Mitigated Risk

The Credit Service Project was designed to assist the Client in assessing the creditworthiness of potential business partners.

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Data Observability

BRE Solution Streamlines NBFC’s Business Policy Migration​

Dive into this case study exploring how Hoonartek’s BRE solution helped an NBFC automate policies, optimize processes, and achieve remarkable results.

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Azure data factory

Value of API Testing for End-to-End Integration Success

Explore Hoonartek’s UAT approach driven by API testing, guaranteeing a secure and efficient integration for an NBFC’s loan origination ecosystem.

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