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Data is a core asset for any modern organization. Storing and managing data is a critical function for these organizations. Preparing for the future will mean choosing a data platform that can handle massive volumes of data at high speed, is highly reliable, and is easy to use. Organizations can unlock the actual value of their data with Snowflake’s platform. Snowflake is an adequately architected cloud data platform that automates many essential tasks, from storing and processing data to transaction management, security, governance, and metadata management.

Hoonartek has a strong Snowflake Centre of Excellence (CoE) NorthStar℠ with 50+ Snowflake consultants. With more than a decade of experience implementing turn-key solutions for some of the largest clients, Hoonartek understands the value of data.

About Hoonartek and Snowflake Partnership

Hoonartek is the Premier Service Partner of Snowflake and boasts of a strong Snowflake Centre of Excellence (CoE) with 50+ Snowflake consultants. It also has India’s highest number of Snowpro-certified consultants.

Hoonartek brings additional technology, industry, and business experience for your organization to get the most out of the Snowflake solution. When you choose Snowflake as the cloud data platform, Hoonartek plays a significant role in helping you migrate or implement Snowflake. We provide end-to-end services ranging from design, preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization.


Hoonartek offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of Snowflake services and industry-focused solutions. We address customers’ needs to build and modernize their systems, develop new solutions, migrate the data and the apps to the cloud and provide a data monetization strategy.

Consulting and Roadmap

At Hoonartek, our Snowflake consulting division focuses on providing thought leadership, scalable enterprise-ready solutions, and accelerators that help organizations add value to the overall program.

Our consultancy services include legacy migration, building a business case, migration strategy, architecture & design, development, testing, data masking, quality assurance, and a wide range of data strategy solutions and services.

Our team of consultants works with end users and manages the end-to-end deliverables, across the entire life cycle of a project, from planning and requirements to project execution and live deployment.

Data Migration

Hoonartek as a Snowflake service partner offers scalable enterprise-ready solutions and accelerators that add value during decision-making and implementation. We provide end-to-end Data Migration services from on-premises to Snowflake. The services include designing, preparing, lifting, shifting, re-platforming, and performance optimization.

Our Agile team specializes in Data migration and services related to migration.
Their deep expertise and guidance make it easy to define the data migration requirements, design scalable and customizable options, and implement fully compliant solutions.

Hoonartek has done one of the largest migrations for its largest client, a global top 10 exchange – moving its huge legacy database from Greenplum to Snowflake along with interfaces and reports using MigFac®.

Data Engineering

In today’s world, a massive amount of data is generated, which has to be cleaned, optimized, and transformed into valuable business insights. Hoonartek’s team of experienced and qualified consultants helps you optimize your data to build better insights for better decisions.

Data Warehouse & Data Lake

A data lake is a vast pool of raw data whose purpose is not yet defined. A data warehouse is a repository for pre-processed, structured, filtered data for a specific purpose.

Hoonartek enables organizations to define, design, and develop the capabilities of dealing with data of any size, shape, and speed. We help our clients empower their developers, data scientists, and analysts with the right tools to leverage several bytes of data.

Data Quality

Hoonartek provides data catalog and quality solutions, which are a fundamental part of Data Management solutions. Data Quality is crucial for higher operational efficiency, cost savings, and a stronger decision-making foundation backed by data. Businesses lose up to 20% of revenue due to poor data quality practices.

Hoonartek ensures operational data quality, enabling individuals and organizations to draw insights from trusted data to make the right business decisions.

Data Governance and Metadata Enablement

Hoonartek addresses the entire spectrum of data governance requirements for its client’s mission-critical regulatory workload and applications on Snowflake.

Our solution addresses all aspects of regulations, such as data lineage, data masking, data stewardship, and data quality, to make it visible and available to businesses and regulators on demand.

Make onboarding to Snowflake easy!

Experience the formidable power of Snowflake and Hoonartek’s world-class data-led transformation services. As a leading snowflake partner, we bring talent, technology, and domain know-how in a seamless package.

Application Support

Hoonartek offers a dedicated team for application maintenance and support. The team monitors applications 24/7 to avoid any downtime. The team is highly trained, well qualified, and experienced in offering corrective, preventive, and adaptive application maintenance and support.
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