Lending Solutions

Leader in Lending Solutions

Hoonartek is a market leader – offering a comprehensive portfolio of lending services from Loan Origination to Collections.

Our industry-skilled and certified experts guide organizations through each stage of the lending lifecycle and offer implementation services either to complement existing systems or engineer new solutions to deliver personalized services valued by their customers.

Value Drivers

We help you turn data into actionable lending life cycle decisions. Make wise lending choices – not in months, but in days!

Minimizing risks while dilivering maximum customer satisfaction is a fine balanding act. Our lending solutions empower you to accelerate time-to-market, deliver superior customer experience, and maximise profitability.

Greenfield Implementation

  • Requirement analysis
  • Workshops
  • Effort estimation
  • Project delivery
  • QA & Go-Live support

Feature changes and support

  • Functional SMEs with product knowledge
  • Technical SMEs with product knowledge

Platform changes and support

  • Product Installation and Administration
  • Servers patching, Security, Upgrades, vulnerability fixes.

Managed Services

  • Design Studio resource
  • Technical resource
  • Database / ETL resource
  • Optimizations
  • L1, L2 (24×7, 12×5), L3


  • Functional / Non-Functional
  • Integration Flows / API testing
  • Manual / Automation / Performance
  • End to End testing (Front-end to BRE and vice-versa)
  • ETL / Data lake to Decision Engine rules

Migration Factory

  • Legacy to Latest version
  • Implementation Approaches (Big bang / Phase-wise)
  • Templates, Accelerators
  • Experience of Tallyman / PCC1.x to PCC2.4, PCSM2.9 to PCSM 2.13 upgrade

Digital Lending Services

Hoonartek’s Digital Lending Services is a complete solution for all lending requirements and for providing a seamless borrower experience.

With services across the entire lending lifecycle spectrum, Hoonartek is the ideal technology partner to build, modernize, sustain and manage the complete platform development for lending and allied tools.

Market leader with 13+ years of lending industry expertise

Global Presence – US, Europe, UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and India among other countries

Leverage technology insights to deliver business results

Implement and Support one of the world’s best lending platforms – Experian™ PowerCurve Suite (Business Rule Engine / Credit Risk Strategy Management, Debt Collection & Recoveries, Acquisition / Originations, Connectivity and Enrichment), Tallyman, Experian™ One (EO)

Implement and Support ACTICO Platform – ACTICO Modeler, ACTICO Machine Learning, ACTICO Team Server, ACTICO Execution Server & Core, ACTICO Workplace, Analytical Functionalities



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