Hoonartek Announces DataHaven
Enterprise Data Clean Room

New service helps customers create data clean rooms to collaborate with their group companies or business partners to generate new insights and a way to monetize data while following required PII compliances.

LAS VEGAS—June 29, 2023—At the Snowflake Summit 2023, Hoonartek, today announced the launch of DataHaven, its advanced Enterprise Data Clean Room, a new data collaboration and analytics solution that helps organizations across industries easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their combined datasets — without sharing or revealing personal identifiable information (PII). With DataHaven, companies can now stand up a robust data environment quickly and collaborate with any other group or partner companies in popular public clouds. They can generate unique insights about advertising campaigns, investment decisions, clinical research, and much more. DataHaven provides a broad set of built-in data access controls that protects sensitive data, including query controls, query output restrictions, query logging, and cryptographic computing tools. To learn more, visit Hoonartek.com/DataHaven

Organizations across industries and geographies look for opportunities to enrich their data with other business partners’ data. This allows businesses to create a complete view of the customers across partner networks. In the media, advertising, and telecom industry, for instance, brands, media publishers and their ad partners need to collaborate using datasets stored across multiple channels and applications. The goal is to improve campaign performance and deliver an engaging experience for their customers.

In the new cookie-less and privacy-first world, sharing of data requires protecting sensitive customer data by mandate. The risk of sharing data without adequate security controls can lead to privacy infringement claims and a lengthy battle to recover from. Today, a better solution exists with DataHaven which allows seamless collaboration with collaborating parties unable to see each other’s raw data.

“Organizations in financial services, media and telecom, healthcare, and life sciences want to share and subscribe to data for better customer experience and outcomes. This data resides in silos across data repositories both within the organization and in partner ecosystems.”, said Peeyoosh Pandey, CEO of Hoonartek. “With sophisticated privacy laws being introduced, companies must safeguard customer data they store in their warehouse. DataHaven gives companies the confidence to share data without the inherent risk of overexposure of information.”

Data Clean Rooms are hard to build. Complex and often updating privacy laws, the right technology stack and architecture, and months of development and testing time make it difficult to meet aggressive go-to-market schedules. Often data is stored in an external environment that also increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

On this occasion, Hiren Thakkar, CTO of Hoonartek said, “Bringing customer data together in a secure environment requires robust technology built on a near-infinite scalable data cloud has been a constant ask by organizations. DataHaven is that solution. We built DataHaven to make data sharing simpler, easier, and more secure.” He continued, “DataHaven is backed by our rich real-world experience in enabling data-led transformation for global organizations. This potent combination gives our clients and partners the ability to transform toward a more secure data governance framework.”

The growing need for better management of data to derive meaningful insights is pushing technology companies to think more innovatively. The organization must have a single source of truth that can be accessed on-demand with high availability and security. This required a hybrid approach. Snowflake brings together the simplicity of shared disc architecture, the flexibility of parallel processing at scale, and high confidence with secure and encrypted data. DataHaven takes advantage of Snowflake’s unique architecture. Hoonartek is also a Premier Snowflake Partner.

In the coming months, DataHaven will incorporate integration with Meta and Google. The solution will also include Know Your Customer (KYC), ISO certifications, and advanced security modules. Companies can start taking advantage of a secure data clean room in whichever cloud their data resides.

DataHaven can be a crucial milestone on the client’s data literacy roadmap. The company is enabling businesses to bring about a data-led transformation. A host of data solutions including DigiTwin – a caching layer for scaling core systems like CBS or UPI volumes and RapidFrames – a metadata-first low-code / no-code platform for building data applications makes Hoonartek a partner of choice for all data initiatives.

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Hoonartek is a Premier Snowflake Partner.

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