Hoonartek’s CSR activities to Sustainable Impact in Gram Gourav Pratisthan Pani Panchayat

By HR Team  

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities is essential to modern business practices. It emphasizes a company’s commitment to social and environmental well-being. Hoonartek has embraced CSR, seeking to impact the community positively. We have partnered with the Gram Gourav Pratisthan Pani Panchayat. We have undertaken CSR initiatives to promote sustainability, social impact, and ethical conduct. Let’s discuss the CSR activities carried out by Hoonartek in this rural region.


Water Purifier:
Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental necessity. We have installed advanced water purifiers in Gram Gourav Pratisthan Pani Panchayat. It ensures that the local community has access to purified water. This CSR activities promotes good health and reduces the dependence on plastic bottles. It will contribute to a greener environment.
Solar Net Metering System:
We have installed a 5 KW solar net metering system in the region. It will harness the power of renewable energy. This system allows the community to generate clean electricity. It reduces their reliance on conventional power sources. We promoted solar energy. It has contributed to mitigating climate change and fostering sustainable development.
Generator Can:
We recognized the importance of uninterrupted power supply in rural areas. We have provided a 20 KVA Diesel Generator can. This generator serves as a backup power source during emergencies. It ensures that essential services and operations can continue.
CSR activity

Social Impact:

Solar Water Heater:
Hoonartek understands the significance of sustainable solutions for daily needs. We have installed solar water heaters in Gram Gourav Pratisthan Pani Panchayat. 
This initiative will reduce the reliance on traditional energy-intensive water heating methods. It also saves costs for the community, benefiting households and promoting sustainable practices.
Sand Water Filter:
Clean water for daily activities is essential for the community. We have installed sand water filters. It will remove impurities and contaminants. It will ensure a steady supply of clean water. This initiative promotes health and hygiene, impacting the lives of the residents.
Equipment Provision:
We know the importance of healthcare and wellness services. To support the local training center in Khalad, we have provided
  • Therapy tables,
  • A steam box, and
  • Other panchakarma equipment.
 These resources enable the training center to offer healthcare services to the community. It will improve the quality of life and support the local economy.

Ethical Conduct

Sewage Treatment Plant:

We have built a sewage treatment plant in Gram Gourav Pratisthan Pani Panchayat. It will protect the environment from sewage pollution.
Through this initiative, Hoonartek demonstrates its dedication to preserving the environment. It will support sustainable community development.
CSR activity


Hoonartek’s CSR activity show commitment to sustainability, social impact, and ethical conduct. We are addressing the community’s basic needs and reducing environmental impact. We have achieved this by installing the following.
  • Water purifiers,
  • Solar energy systems,
  • Water heaters, and
  • Sand water filters.
Furthermore, we have provided essential equipment and supported education and skill development. Hoonartek is empowering individuals and fostering a culture of sustainable growth.
CSR activity
These CSR activities by Hoonartek serve as an inspiring example for other businesses. It will inspire the corporate entities to make a positive difference in society. Companies will create a bright future by adopting CSR values. This bright future prioritizes environmental stewardship, social well-being, and ethical conduct.
Together, we can build a sustainable and inclusive world for future generations.
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