World Class AWS Service Provider

Hoonartek excels at delivering large, intricate, and highly demanding AWS projects globally, with a proven track record of successfully deploying complex solutions on AWS. Our solutions vary from being fully cloud based to hybrid, based on the fitment to the client needs. This includes migrations from on-premises systems to AWS Cloud, as well as developing intricate solutions using AWS’s serverless services.
Hoonartek comprises a strong AWS Center of Excellence (CoE) that includes AWS Solution Architects, AWS Administrators, and AWS Developers. We possess extensive experience in leveraging AWS cloud computing as IaaS, SaaS and Paas to its full potential with expertise in various AWS services, such as AWS Glue, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, AWS Kubernetes, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Redshift, AWS EBS, AWS S3, AWS EFS, AWS Load Balancers and Firewalls, AWS DevOps, Code Pipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeStar, and multiple security features, as well as AWS SageMaker and many others.

As a market leader in cloud computing platforms, AWS offers fully featured services. AWS is renowned for its gold standard in cloud reliability and security, with compliance with all major software vendors. At Hoonartek, we provide AWS services to help our clients achieve their cloud computing goals at optimized op-ex cost with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Hoonartek is an APN member, also offers its products and services using AWS marketplace as well.


Hoonartek offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of AWS services and industry-focused solutions. We are committed to using AWS DevOps for continuous delivery, which allows us to automate release pipelines for quick and reliable application and infrastructure updates.

AWS Infrastructure Management

Hoonartek can manage and maintain customers’ AWS infrastructure, including servers, databases, and storage, to ensure high availability, scalability, and security.

AWS Cloud Migration

Hoonartek can help customers migrate their existing applications and workloads to AWS, ensuring minimal downtime, data loss, and disruption to their business operations.

AWS Solution Deployment

Hoonartek can help with over the cloud using infrastructure services such as compute, containers, Kubernetes, networking, security, load balancing, storages, data lakes, SQL and NoSQL databases, and DevOps services. Migration from On Premise to Cloud as well as new solutions deployment over Cloud, using Infrastructure Services using Serverless Platforms as a Services (ETL Platforms, BI Platforms, AI ML Platforms, etc)

AWS Cloud Security

Hoonartek can provide security assessments, compliance audits, and implementation of security measures such as encryption, access control, and monitoring to ensure customers’ data and applications are secure on AWS.

AWS Cloud Development

Our expertise also extends to serverless platforms such as ETL, BI, and AI/ML platforms available over. Our team of experts can help you with full-stack development over the cloud, enabling you to develop and deploy cloud-native applications with ease.

AWS DevOps Services

Hoonartek can help customers optimize their software development processes by implementing DevOps practices such as continuous integration, delivery, and deployment on AWS.

AWS Data Analytics

Hoonartek can help customers leverage AWS data analytics services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena to derive insights from their data, improve decision-making, and drive business growth.

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Hoonartek can help customers optimize their AWS usage and costs by implementing cost efficient solutions and using cost-saving measures such as reserved instances, spot instances, and right choice and sizing of infrastructure as per business need. Our customers have achieved significant cost savings while ensuring optimal performance and scalability of their applications.

AWS AI/ML Implementation

We also offer AI/ML model implementation over cloud using serverless cloud’s AI/ML platforms such as AWS SageMaker. Our team can help you leverage the latest AI/ML technologies to optimize your business processes and gain a competitive edge. Business Intelligence using Cloud Platform Services like AWS Quick Sight.

Full Stack Development Over Cloud

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