Big Data

Leader in Big Data Services

Hoonartek offers a complete portfolio of big-data services, from thought leadership to roadmap, design and development with leading technologies and platforms. We work with clients from early stage/POC, undertaking implementation initiatives to setup the platform and supporting processes. Our solutions are independent of our clients’ ecosystem (eg. MapR, HortonWorks, IBM, Cloudera) and are based on fundamental principles of efficient and reliable data integration.

As well as being vendor-independent, Hoonartek works holistically towards implementing tools around Hadoop, including Hive, HBase, Pig, MongoDB, Oozie, Flume, Splunk, Scala and Spark. HoonarTek’s big-data offerings are organized into two main areas, administration and application development.

Big Data Application Services

Hoonartek’s Big Data Application Services (BDAS) is focused on building and developing processes, capabilities and applications around a client’s big data technology stack. Today, businesses face complex technology challenges that are rarely solved with one big-data tool. HoonarTek manages full application development for big data and allied tools.

Our BDAS group offers comprehensive design and covers multiple use cases that are constantly evolving and transforming and being implemented at client locations across the world.


Platform Administration Services (PAS)

Hoonartek’s Platform Administration Services (PAS) addresses big-data ecosystem administration and architecture.

Hoonartek’s Platform Administration Services include:

Emerging Data Science Practice

Hoonartek as a natural extension to data engineering started making in roads into data sciences. The skills and experience in data analytics consulting and solutions-development add significant value to customers in retail and business banking division in your endeavours to retain and grow profitable relationships within your customer base.

Hoonartek’s value proposition pertaining to advanced analytics consists of a range of specialist services and solutions that deliver real value to business.
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