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We empower enterprises globally through intelligent, creative and insightful services for data integration, data analytics and data visualization.

At Hoonartek, we work to ensure that our customers, partners and employees all benefit from our unstinting commitment to delivery, quality and value. Hoonartek is increasingly the choice for customers seeking a trusted partner of vision, value and integrity.

About Us

Hoonartek is a leader in enterprise transformation, data engineering and an acknowledged world-class Ab Initio delivery partner.

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Our clients and projects know no boundaries. Hoonartek worldwide office locations helps us serve global clients from our establishments in UK, US, Malaysia and India.


Hoonartek is committed to growing a business that is not only sustainable and resourceful, but also one that majors on integrity and responds to the needs of all the people we connect with.


Nourishing talented data engineers, helping customers with quality data solutions and having fun doing it!


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