The Commercial Usability of GitHub Copilot in Software Development

We are seeing explosive growth in the use of AI/ML in literally every digital touchpoint. Why would the coding be left behind? GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code assistant developed by OpenAI,

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Data-led Transformation – A guide to your data monerization journey

Data Monetization and modernization are key drives for global data-led transformation journeys in enterprises. 72% of top global Chief Data Officers (CDOs), Chief Analytics Officers, and other high-level data and analytics leaders from across the industries are leading or heavily involved in digital transformation initiatives.

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Data Sharing and Collaborations without Revealing Customer’s PII Data

With the increasing need to create customer-centric data and protect the customer’s privacy, the organization needs an effective solution that helps to set up a secure data-sharing platform which is possible through the data clean room.

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India’s Largest Data Migration to Snowflake

Hoonartek Shares Expertise in Accelerating Data Migration to Cloud at Snowflake Data for Breakfast Event.
At Hoonartek, we understand the importance of data migration for businesses.

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My Onsite Travel Experiences

Onsite!! The word itself thrills you, doesn’t it? You suddenly feel you are a star, the chosen one. I too felt the same way. I travelled in the month of June to South Africa. Since this was my second trip, I knew fairly how it was going to be.

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Some Ideas For Dos And Don’ts For New Entrants

College days are over. It’s time to step into a new pair of shoes and enter the corporate world. But hang on…there are some things that you must remember while going through this transformation phase.

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