Advantages Of Working At A Young
IT Enterprise Like Hoonartek

By Human Resources Team

Have you ever considered working at a young IT Enterprise like Hoonartek? If not, here are some incentives that might change your mind.

Bigger responsibilities & opportunities

Success is not only about progressing, but finding the right opportunity and making the most of it. Working at a young enterprise like Hoonartek gives you the freedom to innovate processes that are otherwise pre-defined and quite rigid. Since people work in smaller teams, they have bigger opportunities of showcasing what they are capable of achieving. At the end of the day, you get to lead by example.

Great rewards for success

Result oriented work never goes unnoticed especially when you are working at Hoonartek. As much as we love delivering optimum services and solutions to our clients, we love rewarding our employees for their outstanding performance. We never hesitate to appreciate the efforts taken by our employees. Our founding principles comprise of strong work ethics and team effort and that is what we love to promote.

A chance to explore new domains

This may come as a surprise, but most people never get the opportunity to explore domains other than what they specialize in. Call it a safe zone, or simply working around one’s expertise, only a handful of people take on the challenge of walking a different path. Hoonartek’s clientele extends across vast domains like banking, telecom, retail and healthcare with several integrated sub-domains. Joining Hoonartek gives you the chance to explore new domains and broaden your spectrum in the industry.

Learning under hardcore techies

If you wish to learn something, learn from the best. Hoonartek is an organization that comprises of industry leaders and hardcore techies. The ever increasing scope of the IT sector and introduction of new technologies each day makes it imperative to keep yourself updated. What could be better than learning from the best? Numbers, figures and stats…get them all sorted as a member of team Hoonartek.

Friendly work atmosphere

Have you imagined your workplace to be full of friends? If it sounds unbelievable, spend a day at Hoonartek. A world devoid of negativity, Hoonartek offers a vibrant work environment with an entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious. We work hard, party harder and make the most of every moment. Frequent office parties, birthday celebrations, fun Fridays, sports events, annual day celebrations…name it, and we celebrate it. We like to keep things a little less serious.

The perfect work life balance

Probably one of the hardest things to achieve in today’s maddening professional life is striking the right balance between hard-work and work overload. As wise men say, planning is the key. At Hoonartek, we set targets, pave the path towards achieving them and work around realistic timelines. From a strict professional approach to friendly co-working atmosphere, Hoonartek aims at creating an enticing work environment that helps its employees achieve the right work life balance. As the week comes to an end, we look forward to a brighter Monday that shall bring better avenues to work.
At Hoonartek, you are a leader in the making. Everyday is a new opportunity and we are always up for innovative work ideas. It is never too late to start afresh. All you need to do is pack a bag full of zest, some creativity, positivity and the willingness to learn a new lesson each day.

Our doors are always open!
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