Workplaces Post-Pandemic

By Nishant Shukla, Vice President – Human Resources

How would you like to work post-pandemic?

In the past two years, the nature of work and workplaces has radically changed. The concept of remote working has been embraced by most industries globally, including IT, and amongst us Tekyz, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We recently ran a survey on the Hoonartek LinkedIn page to get an idea on how people would like to work post-pandemic. More than 60% of respondents liked working from home; over 30% preferred a mix; and only 5% chose working from the office.
The pandemic years of remote work have certainly presented a sense of flexibility that benefited all facets of the work framework. And it has also changed the standards for Human Resources quite significantly. One of the reports from has shared that 67% of companies admit that hiring talent with office-only working conditions has become increasingly difficult. HR teams have had to adapt to the remote culture, which involves remote hiring, remote onboarding, and remote employee engagement. Rather than interacting face-to-face with remote employees, HR teams now communicate with them virtually.

At Hoonartek, we understand that there is now a wider definition of the workplace, that includes working from a place that increases productivity and provides a better work-life balance, and have taken into consideration the points below when evaluating the optimum work culture:

Positive work impact:
No matter when an employee starts their day or when they end it, they should be free to complete their work as they see fit as long as high-quality results are achieved.

Cost of living:
Transportation and distance are important considerations when it comes to finding talented people, which also involves the cost of living across different locations.

The workplace flexibility for employees to provide more productivity and more work satisfaction.

Broader spectrum of recruitment:
There should not be a geographical limit when it comes to hiring a talented person.

At Hoonartek, we are constantly sourcing talent globally. We nurture and develop graduates and seasoned professionals alike by setting them on managed and rewarding career trajectories. If you are passionate about data technologies and possess a natural business empathy with excellent communication skills, please get in touch to explore our current vacancies.
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