Fun Friday

By Human Resources Team

Fun Friday! It’s the secret to increased productivity at work.

Everyone wants to be successful at work. From team leaders to directors, every management whiz wants to lead their team to success. But it does not work alone that makes this possible. Sometimes you just need to tread on the path of recreation with a few fresh ideas to help rejuvenate your employees. This keeps them emotionally engaged to the work environment, boosts morale and improves teamwork.
An employee is not working merely for his paycheck, but the progress of his organization. And there is a lot one expects in return from a workplace. As important as it is to work towards improving your organization’s levels of employee engagement, there’s no getting around the fact that it can be rather difficult.

For some stringent believers, an office is a place of work and nothing beyond that. For others, the workplace is much more than that. Sure, your primary reason for being there is to do the job, but is having fun while you’re at it a bad thing?
At Hoonartek we always try to make your workplace driven by fun. After a long week’s hard work, we help our employees to refresh and rejuvenate themselves at ‘Fun Friday’ – our very own recreational system bundled with some fun games and activities. Why? Because we want you to have a great start to your weekend. And a few other reasons like…

To make the workplace more sociable:
Members of our organization come from various walks of life, age groups, sectors, work cultures, etc. and need to unite to bring about a synergy at work. Fun Friday activities and games help individuals to spend some time with each other, get to know each other better, have conversations and eventually make the workplace more sociable.

To make the workplace fun:
Where there is work, there are deadlines. Where there are deadlines, there is pressure. This pressure can often be very stressful and affect the employees in a negative way. To avoid such unfavorable situations, fun activities or games play a vital role in making the workplace refreshing and release pressure to some extent. Innovation, intuition, and flexibility are major factors to the successful operation of organizations today. In energetic environments, employees enjoy their time and excel at work. A fun workplace is not only more productive, but it attracts, engages people.

To increase productivity:
It observed that people are more productive in a workplace where they love their work environment. The mental attitude of an individual helps them to think calmly, clearly and more important creatively.Fun activities at workplace help to keep environment happy, calm, relaxed, stress-free and more energetic.

To be a good team player:
No matter how good you are at work, if you are not a team player, you will never make it to the top. Fun Friday at Hoonartek helps you to understand your peers in a light-hearted and friendly environment. Opening up to your fellow employees and developing a basic level of understanding via fun activities indefinitely helps your individual growth in an organization.

To encourage leadership skills:
Everybody likes a leader who is confident, encourage team members, understands problems, be a motivation and keep workplace fun. The making of a good leader can start from an array of fun activities. If you never got a chance to lead formally, maybe you can display your exceptional skills via fun activities.

To help in decision-making & problem-solving:
As impossible as it may sound, one can really develop decision-making and problem-solving skills while engaging themselves in small games and activities. Every activity, be it work related or purely recreational, requires some amount of decision-making skills at every level. If not at work, you could test your skills while having some fun.

Team Hoonartek is a welcoming family.

We do not want to create drab and dull workplaces, but a lively environment that encourages everyone to bring out the best in them.

We take fun seriously!
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