Financial Data Management Solution for a Leading Insurance Company


This case study explores the collaboration between Hoonartek, a data management solutions provider, and a leading insurance company in the Asia-Pacific region. The Client operates across multiple insurance and assistance business segments, catering to a diverse clientele.

The Business Challenge

Prior to engaging Hoonartek, The Client faced significant challenges in managing its financial data. The company relied on manual data collection from its subsidiaries, leading to inconsistencies and delays. This fragmented approach resulted in:

  • Inaccurate Data: Manual data entry was prone to human error, impacting the accuracy of financial records.
  • Limited Visibility: The lack of a centralized data repository made it difficult to obtain a holistic view of the company’s financial performance.
  • Inefficient Reporting: Generating comprehensive financial reports was a time-consuming and resource-intensive process due to scattered data sources.
  • Security Concerns: The absence of a robust data security system exposed sensitive financial information to potential risks.

These challenges hindered The Client’s ability to make informed business decisions. Inaccurate financial data could lead to poor resource allocation, missed opportunities, and an inability to identify potential financial risks.

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Financial Data Management Solution for a Leading Insurance Company

Joint Solution Discovery & Implementation Plan

Hoonartek partnered with The Client to understand their specific needs and develop a tailored solution. The collaboration involved several key steps:

  • In-depth Requirements Gathering: Hoonartek’s team conducted comprehensive interviews and workshops with The Client’s stakeholders to identify their pain points and desired functionalities. This phase involved understanding the various data sources, upload processes, and reporting requirements.
  • Data Architecture Design: Based on the gathered information, Hoonartek designed a data warehouse framework using dimensional (dim_) and fact (fact_) tables. This structure facilitated efficient data storage, retrieval, and analysis.
  • Streamlined Data Upload Process: Standardized templates were created for each business segment, ensuring consistency in data format and simplifying the upload process for subsidiaries.
  • Automated Data Management: Change Data Capture (CDC) technology was integrated with Rapidframe to seamlessly manage revised data uploads. This minimized errors and ensured data integrity by capturing changes made to source data and reflecting them in the data warehouse.
  • User Management: User management underwent a transformation, introducing three distinct roles: Technical Admin, Super Data Admin, and User. Rapidframe efficiently handled the orchestration of these roles.
  • Robust Security Measures: Multi-factor authentication was implemented with Rapidframe to safeguard sensitive financial data. This added layer of security helped prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Forex API: The integration of the Forex API into Rapidframe empowered the system to seamlessly handle currency exchange, a critical component for multi-currency financial data.
  • User-Centric Interface Design: A user-friendly interface was developed for subsidiaries to upload data effortlessly. The interface was designed to be intuitive and minimize training requirements.


The implemented solution delivered significant benefits for The Client, empowering them to:

Improved Data Accuracy & Visibility
  • Streamlined data uploads and automated data handling mechanisms minimized errors and ensured data integrity.
  • A centralized data warehouse provided The Client with a holistic view of its financial performance across all business segments.
Operational Efficiency & Data Security
  • Automated data processes significantly reduced the time and resources required for financial reporting.
  • Multi-factor authentication and robust data security protocols safeguarded sensitive financial information.
Empowered Data-Driven Decisions
  • Accurate and insightful data from the BI dashboards enabled The Client to make informed business decisions regarding resource allocation, risk management, and strategic planning.

Industry Perspective

The insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation, with companies increasingly relying on data analytics to gain a competitive edge. Regulatory compliance is also paramount, with regulations mandating data security and accuracy. Hoonartek’s solution kept these industry trends in mind by:

  • Futureproofing the Data Warehouse: The data warehouse framework was designed to be scalable and accommodate future growth in data volume and complexity.
  • Compliance with Data Regulations: The solution adhered to relevant data privacy regulations, ensuring the secure storage and handling of sensitive financial information.
  • Integration with Business Intelligence Tools: The data warehouse was designed to integrate seamlessly with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, enabling The Client to generate insightful reports and dashboards for data visualization and analysis.


An innovative application emerged through the seamless integration of features into Rapidframe. This collaboration between Hoonartek and The Client demonstrates the power of data management solutions in the insurance industry. By implementing a user-friendly data upload system, a secure data warehouse, and automated data handling processes,

The Client achieved significant improvements in data accuracy, visibility, and operational efficiency. This, in turn, empowered them to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The success of this project highlights the importance of partnering with a data management expert who can understand the unique needs of the insurance industry and deliver solutions that comply with industry regulations while propelling business growth.


  • The Rapidframe structure serves as a versatile tool for both creating and validating financial data, offering a streamlined and efficient process.
  • The CDC approach implemented in this project proves instrumental in minimizing user efforts, placing a modest burden on database storage. This approach enhances efficiency and resource utilization.
  • The integration of Forex API within this project presents a reusable solution for obtaining currency rates in any application. This not only streamlines processes but also ensures consistency in currency exchange functionalities across different applications.
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