India’s Largest Data Migration to Snowflake

Hoonartek Shares Expertise in Accelerating Data Migration to Cloud at Snowflake Data for Breakfast Event

At Hoonartek, we understand the importance of data migration for businesses. It is a crucial process that requires extensive planning, testing, and validation to ensure that the data is accurately integrated and there are no errors or data losses. With the increasing significance of cloud computing, data migration to the cloud has become a top priority for many businesses.
Recently, we had the pleasure of participating in the Snowflake Data for Breakfast event in Mumbai, India, where we shared our expertise in data migration to the cloud. The event brought together data enthusiasts, industry experts, and executives to discuss the latest trends and best practices in data migration. During our session, “Accelerating Migration to Cloud,” we had a Q&A with Munish, our Vice President of Data Practice, and Anubhav from the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The discussion, led by Amit, our Chief Strategy Officer, focused on the challenges and opportunities of accelerating migration to the cloud.

Munish emphasized the importance of extensive planning and coordination between different teams before beginning the migration process. He highlighted our experience in dealing with various legacy systems during the migration process and ensuring that the data was properly transformed and loaded into Snowflake. This required extensive planning, testing, and validation to ensure that the data was accurately integrated and that there were no errors or data losses.

At Hoonartek, we follow a three-step data migration process part of “Migration Factory”: migration analysis, migration design, and execution. The first step involves analyzing the existing system and identifying the data to be migrated. The second step involves designing the migration plan and determining the appropriate technology to be used. The final step involves executing the migration plan, which includes transforming and loading the data into the new system and ensuring that there are no errors or data losses.

During the session, Anubhav praised our technical expertise in data engineering and our attention to detail in handling large volumes of data. He spoke about how our expertise had helped NSE migrate seamlessly to the cloud.

Our sponsorship of this event and our booth at the event highlighted our commitment to data migration and our technical expertise.

With our extensive experience in data migration and our ability to handle complex legacy systems, we are the go-to choice for any data migration project.

If you’re interested in data migration or data engineering, you can connect with us at Our knowledgeable team will be happy to speak to you about replacing your legacy database with Snowflake, and moving your ETL workloads from Informatica, ODI, PL/SQL, SAS Macro to more optimal solutions

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