Unlock the Black Box: Demystifying GenAI with Data-Driven Strategies

Hoonartek: 11am EST US, 3pm BST UK, 7:30pm IST India


Demystifying GenAI with Data-Driven Strategies

The Generative AI market is brimming with innovation. From tech giants like Google and DeepMind to pioneering startups, the race is on to develop ever-more sophisticated models capable of generating stunningly realistic and creative content. This rapid evolution promises to disrupt countless industries, from the way we design products to how we interact with customers.

But here’s the secret sauce of GenAI: data. High-quality data is the fuel that powers these AI engines. Just like a great chef needs fresh ingredients, GenAI models require clean and relevant data to produce exceptional results. During our Fireside Chat, we’ll delve into the critical role data plays in training GenAI models and achieving groundbreaking results.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from leading GenAI experts. During the Fireside Chat, you’ll have the chance to learn about:

  • The latest advancements in Generative AI technology.
  • Practical strategies for implementing GenAI within your organization.
  • Real-world case studies showcasing the power of GenAI in action.
  • How to address ethical considerations and ensure responsible AI development.

This Fireside Chat is your chance to demystify the world of Generative AI and discover how it can fuel innovation and growth within your organization. Whether you’re a seasoned tech professional or just beginning to explore AI, this interactive session will equip you with the knowledge and practical strategies you need to leverage GenAI for your competitive advantage. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the conversation and ignite the future of your business with the power of Generative AI.


  • Elaine Fletcher | Head of Governance, Hoonartek
  • Cobus Greyling | Chief Evangelist, Kore.ai


  • Shrikant Jannu | EVP Technology Solutions, Hoonartek

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