Data Science

06 Jul Data Science

Hoonartek has the requisite skills and experience in data analytics consulting and solutions-development to add significant value to Retail and Business Banking division in your endeavours to retain and grow profitable relationships within your customer base.

Hoonartek’s value proposition pertaining to advanced analytics consists of a range of specialist services and solutions that deliver real value to business.

Vital Areas For The Emerging Data Science

  • Advanced Analytical Consultancy specialising in the disciplines of data mining, predictive modelling, statistical analysis, operations research, econometrics, mathematics to generate business insights for enriching decision-making at every level driving strategy across the Group.


  • Geo-spatial practice specialising in geo-coding, trade area analysis, geo-marketing, transportation modelling, and geo-visualisation that supplement the Advanced Analytical Consultancy and Business Intelligence groups with the development of geo-spatial model and representation of the business realities.


  • Centralised Leads Management and Retention Management specialising in analytical lead selection, application of corporate governance (incl. CPA), lead optimisation, lead dissemination, response analysis, and campaign effectiveness measurement and optimisation.


  • Content Harvesting specialising in Social Media analysis, Complaints and Unstructured Analysis through the innovative development of the capability to perform highly accurate topical, sentiment and relevance analysis/discovery across all 11 official languages including Spanish.


  • Business Intelligence managing the enterprise automated BI platform, developing enterprise wide performance management dashboards/frameworks/reports, providing trusted, integrated information delivery platforms across the organisation.

In order to assist you in developing a deep & intimate understanding of your customer-base, some of the typical questions that Hoonartek is able to provide answers to are:


Acquiring Customers

  • Do you know what constitutes a good customer?
  • Can you match prospective customers to the right products and services?


Growing the Relationship

  • Who are your most valuable customers and what are their attributes
  • What products do your customers purchase and what do they crossover purchase?
  • What will your customers want next?
  • What product promotions increased sales, transaction size, frequency and crossover?
  • What communications worked? Who responded? How did they respond? What was their post behavioral activity?


Retaining Customers

  • Which of your profitable customers are at risk of leaving?
  • What are the buying habits of your best customers?
  • Are you matching products and services to the right channels?
  • Can you detect behavioral events and provide timely and relevant customer communications?


Rewarding Loyalty

  • Who are your most loyal customers and what programs are most effective for impacting behavior and retention?
  • Do you treat your loyal customers differently than your others?
  • When a customer touches your business, do you have the capability to engage them with targeted messages?
  • How do you determine the level of personalization you give to your customers and how do you deliver it?

Hoonartek adheres to the CRISP-DM (CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) methodology and reference model, ensuring that a rigorous process is followed throughout data mining projects.


Hoonartek possesses expert skills across the broad range of conventional statistical, mathematical & operations-research modelling techniques, and is also proficient in several sophisticated modelling techniques at the cutting edge of data science.